Sunday, 6 April 2014

What's the point of Mobylette Woodruff Keys?

Replacement Mobylette Woodruff Keys?

Mobylette in later models stopped fitting woodruff keys or (French referred to as 'Clavette disque tambour embrayage').

Mobylette/Motobecane also stopped supplying and replacing woodruff keys. I understand that keys were not replaced, because the potential damage that they could cause to an engine if they were to break was quite severe. The nature of the key was that it was also quite likely that they would snap/break

Classic Moped Spares do not and have not sold woodruff keys for Mobylette Mopeds. (click here not to buy)

An example of an early model with woodruff key (part 224):-

An example of later models with no woodruff key:-
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