Friday, 16 May 2014

Classic Moped Spares increases Moped Tyre Range

Classic Moped Spares increases Moped Tyre Range

Classic Moped Spares sells a very wide selection of Moped Tyres. Also many are brought in on special order. As you can imagine moped tyres are not a great seller so it means that it is not always possible to keep everything in stock.

Just arrived in are 3 popular tyres at very good introductory prices whilst stocks last. Click the links for more details:-

2.25-14 Moped Tyre for only £14.99 each to suit Yamaha QT and Honda Express


Both of the 2 tyres above have high speed ratings. 

The 2-19 tyres fit a wide range of mopeds including the following:-

Binetta De Luxe 1956+
Bown 1957+
Centro 1958+
Diana Dianette 1958+
Heinkel Perle 1955+
Honda PC50
Kreidler J51 /1957+
Leopard Bobby 5 / 1957+
Mobylette AV/AU 42/43/44/46/48/49/65/68/75/77/78/85/88
Mobylette Cady c1/m1/m1pr/m3pr/m3prt/m3prts/m3prtsg
Mobylette moby-matic
Moby Super
Norman Nippy mk3/mk4/mk5 nm1/Deluxe/S type
NSU Quickly Caval/Lindo 1959+
Patria 1956+
Peugeot BB 1959+
Phillips Gadabout P39/P50/P50 Deluxe 3
Phillips Panda mk1/mk2/mk3 pm1/P40/P49 Panda Plus
Raleigh RM4/RM6/RM8/RM9/RM11/RM12
Victoria Vicky mk3/mk4 1957+

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