Friday, 20 March 2015

Mobylette, Raleigh Moped Engine Rebuilding and Restoration Services

Get a head of your engine restoration!!

Engine Trouble Sir!

One of my main pitfalls when restoring bikes in the past was the engine was always left to the last and it is something I really regret! Frames were shot blasted and repainted and then the engine wouldn't go!

If you have an engine or carburettor problem or you just want some extra tuning then please get in contact and I will try to help. Please Click here and submit your request.

Price will depend on the type of investigation and work required and will be quoted in advance of any works being undertaken.

Typical engines that have been rebuilt in the past include:-

  • Honda PA, PC Mopeds
  • Lambretta Scooters
  • Mobylette Motobecane Mopeds
  • Raleigh Mopeds
  • Vespa Scooters

and just a few more!

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