Thursday, 10 December 2015

Protect your Solex Engine with a New Chrome Rack

Repair, Restore, Protect Your Solex!

Engine Rack

Things get old and rusty, accidents happen or sometimes the restoration level needs to go up a gear. If you need to replace the rack on your Velosolex 3800 then new ones have just arrived in:-
Good Quality chrome front engine support racks available here

Black Plastic Covers

Sometimes other parts get scuffed or broken and a number of plastic items are also available such as these Solex Engine Electrical Ignition Covers.  Just click here for more information


Classic Moped Spares is also please to be able to advertise to customers in the forum. This is currently the only club that we are aware of dedicated to the Velosolex. Here you can find information, advice, galleries, videos and lots more to help keep the Solex alive with plenty of other enthusiasts from the Uk and other parts of the world.

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