Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Are Motorbikes and Mopeds better than Gold as an investment?

Are Mopeds Worth Investing in?

Don't Laugh, can a Moped out perform a Goldstar Motorcycle?

Mopeds were often seen as a means of cheap transport, just to get you from A-B. Many were left in the side of hedges or scrapped when they stopped working , Often frowned upon by bigger bike riders, some opinions appear to be changing.

Humble mopeds from the sixties and seventies are now commanding big prices as fashion icons. Companies are even making new bikes that look like old ones. Not all these revivals have been successful as modern emissions and tougher cost competition have affected sales.

Good examples of bikes from the sixties and seventies in the Uk you could typically pay in 2018 compared to 5 years ago:-

Item Model 2013 2018
Solid Gold  Solid Gold Bar £275 £312
Honda C90
£875 £1500
Honda Camino 
£180 £800
Mobylette 50V 
£250 £750
Puch Maxi
£180 £600
Raleigh Runabout
£250 £750
Velo Solex
£120 £600
Yamaha FS1E
£2500 £5000
Motorbike BSA Gold Star £13750 £20,000

Prices fluctuate depending on manufacturer, model and specification, and country, and at auctions! For example some bikes in more affluent countries where there is a stronger moped scene such as the USA also command higher prices. 

The Graph below shows the increase per £1 spent:-

Who performed the best

Solid Gold Bars went up and down over the past five years, which is where many Financial Institutions would recommend a safe place to invest during hard times.

The BSA Gold Star Motorcycle today values in 2018 appear to be around £20K compared to a models in Classic Motorcycle magazines in 2013 at around £13,750.

Mad as it may seem if you bought 100 x Velo Solex mopeds at total of £12,000 they could now be possibly worth somewhere between £25,000 and £60,000. Selling them all in one go may be a little bit more difficult though!

The Future

The future is uncertain, however I like to hope that prices may still rise as interest grows. Who knows? 

It would be a shame if someone bought 100 mopeds just to store for investment. Much better to restore them and keep them going on the road so people can see them! If they also go up in value then just look at that as a bonus for the grandchildren!

If you would rather be a mover than a hoarder then moped parts can be found at

Values of Gold were taken from the Money Week Gold Prices at set points
Values of Mopeds based on research from Uk motorcycle magazines, internet based sellers, customer opinion and personal experience
No responsibility is taken by Classic Moped Spares for any of the data, or investment choices made based on this article. This article does not offer financial advice and Investments can decrease or increase. Future values are not predicted in this article. 


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