Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Classic Moped and Motorbike Spares, suppliers, wholesalers, and partnerships wanted

Classic Moped and Motorbike Spares, suppliers, wholesalers, and partnerships wanted

In 2011 to 2013 Classic Moped Spares has acquired stock from a large number of suppliers to help Classic Moped and Motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Classic Moped Spares is not without controversy having raised the profile of mopeds worldwide. This has led to competition which has resulted in more products being available for people whom the only other alternative may have been to throw their prized machines away

Classic Moped Spares is probably the leading UK seller in the specialist field of classic moped parts. Just over the past year, Moped Manuals have been put back in print. Accessories, Clothing, Labels, Tyres, Paints, Cables, Saddles, specialist fixings and many more products that were not previously available have now been manufactured and are available to enthusiasts worldwide

Classic Moped Spares has a fantastic base of customers whose support has meant that many more mopeds are now being displayed through clubs and at shows around the UK and Worldwide. 


I am now looking for more products to sell. If you are a wholesaler, supplier, manufacturer, or even someone with a few bikes or spare parts and you think your products could be sold through Classic Moped Spares then please get in contact through the email address classicmopedspares@hotmail.co.uk

Please visit www.classicmopedspares.com to see the range of products that is currently for sale. 
I would be particularly interested in products for:-
  • Accessories and Clothing
  • Bearings/Seals
  • Cables, Speedometers
  • Chains, Sprockets
  • Drive Belts
  • Electrical items such as capacitors, lights, horns, 
  • Gaskets
  • Manuals
  • Rubber products such as handlebar grips, etc
  • Wheels and Rims
  • Saddles and toolbags
  • and much more!!
and items related to the following manufacturers of mopeds:-
  • Autovap, Autobyk, Autocycle 
  • BSA Ariel 3 
  • Benelli, Bown 
  • Casal, Clark Scamp, Corgi, Cyclemaster 
  • Excelsior 
  • Garelli 
  • Hercules, Honda 
  • James, Jones, Jawa 
  • Kerry Capitano 
  • Mini Motor 
  • Mobylette, Motobecane, Mosquito, Norman, New Hudson 
  • Paloma, Phillips, Powerpak
  • Raleigh, Sun, Suzuki, Solex 
  • Velosolex 
  • Yamaha 
  • Winged Wheel

Classic Moped Spares try to offer good quality and value to customers. Some of the mopeds are now in declining numbers and smaller economies of scale mean that manufacturing costs can be high. Mopeds that are restored are usually not done for profit, but as a hobby and as such I understand that costs can be high on restoration projects. The sense of achievement in restoring a moped back to its true condition has of course no price.


Partnerships worldwide are welcome


Large and small suppliers are welcome. If you have some mopeds or parts that you wish to sell then Classic Moped Spares has a number of options on how this can be done by either selling direct or putting you in contact with buyers

Manufacturers are welcome that particularly specialise in old measurements such as imperial and cycle threads and specialist items.
Wholesalers worldwide are welcome
Motorcycle Dealers with excess stock are also welcome

For more information:-

Please contact: classicmopedspares@hotmail.co.uk

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