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Classic Moped Spares malcolm raleigh restoration project

Classic Moped Spares malcolm raleigh 

How did it all start?

My name is Malcolm Corrigan. I have been passionate about mopeds for many years. My run of passion was stopped whilst riding a moped on a dual carriageway a large executive car pulled out from a side road across my path. I was travelling on a Kawasaki 80cc moped which I had just finished touching up the exhaust.
This was one of those rare moments where your life is flashing in front of you and you have no time to stop just a split second to decide what to do.
The collision involved my bike and the car both being written off despite the size and value of the car being significant. I hope this gives an idea of the force of the impact. More significant to me was that the impact occurred in a location near to where years earlier a friend had tragically died.

My collision involved me performing a somersault across the carriageway and landing on my back side looking up at a lampost 2 foot from my legs; winded and unable to move my arm with other injuries which I still have today. I removed my helmet struggling to breath to find a friendly taxi driver offering me a cigarette. I politely declined as did not smoke, but the appreciated his company.

The ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive as the more local ambulance station was only open earlier in the day.
Before the accident I could run a mile in near 4 minutes and I used to run 45 miles per week. Cramps that started getting worse have stopped me from taking up running again.

What does this have to do with Restoring Raleigh Mopeds?

After the accident I did not ride another motorcycle or moped for several years and had thought that I never would until one day I was at an auction when I spotted a Raleigh Moped in very poor condition. Children were running up and down on it in the field. I quite liked the look of it as it had a lot of character and thought this is something I could restore having previously also restored bicycles.

A relative said that she would go halves with me if we bought it. 

The Raleigh Moped including fees made about £60 and I took it home stopping off to see a friend of mine who is into larger motorcycles. He told me best thing to do is to join the Buzzing Club. This is a club run by the NACC National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club and they issue out magazines frequently and can also help with events, registration and many other things. They still survive today and the magazine content that is distributed has improved since the early days. As someone once said to me once there is help for you yet Malcolm.

The Raleigh Prior to Restoration:-

How to Restore a Raleigh Runabout

To restore the Runabout above took me years as when finished I wanted it to be concourse. I stripped the bike on the living room floor, which the neighbours found most amusing!

Parts were difficult to obtain and although club members were very helpful there were a lot of things that needed to be done and I had to scour the country to get parts. The time and money involved made this project a real labour of love. Ebay at the time was just beginning and many parts were not available. I tried not to buy parts from people who were breaking good bikes to profit, and patiently soon managed to find most items I needed. I have put some estimates of what the project cost me at the time about 10 years ago:-
Price of Bike £60
Paint stripper £10
Original Paint £70
Transfers £50
Wheels rebuilt and re-chromed £150
Front & Rear Number Plates (Hand painted) £20
Drive Belt £15
Tyres and inner tubes £50
Manuals £30
V5 Registration £25
Ignition Coil £25
Lighting and wiring £20
Saddle Recovering £30
Rear saddle bag £25
Chain guard covers £30
Fuel Tap £15
Tank cleaning £10
Replacement handlebars £20
New Cables £40
Air Carburettor £30
Total £725! But so much fun!

That total is before I even take into account any time or fuel travelling around the country!
As you can imagine when the bike was finished it looked spectacular although I still would not say I was 100% happy with the restoration being perfect. I sold the bike to a film company for £270 advising them that the engine needed work. They had difficulties with the engine so took it to Aplins in Bristol where I understand the engine was rebuilt. After losing so much money on this project you would think I would have learnt that there is no money in mopeds!

I cannot find a picture of the finished bike, but know I have one somewhere. The registration is AEL 678B If you are the new owner and have a picture please email it to me at classicmopedspares@hotmail.co.uk

I am pleased that this was another Raleigh Moped saved as many were thrown away.

More Raleigh Mopeds

I am afraid I had caught the bug like so many moped and motorcycle enthusiasts before me. After many years I now have the full set of Raleigh Mopeds. Quite a collection and along the way I have met some very interesting people over the years.
The problem is you don't just buy one moped! I have acquired contents of whole shops that were closed down and moped collections.


I wanted to help other people with parts knowing how difficult it was to find parts at reasonable prices. I started selling parts on ebay to help people out and have wonderful comments and feedback over the years.

I could not think of an ebay user name, My name is Malcolm and I like Raleigh Mopeds so it kind of just went together. 

Locally I am know as MopedMalc from helping out others with getting their mopeds running. Often people would come to the back of my garage and say can you get this started.

If you want to see my ebay listings just look under raleigh moped or search by malcolmraleigh


Classic Moped Spares is owned by me.
I have also continued with the good name on ebay of malcolmraleigh

Classic Moped Spares was created when I decided to take the business forward professionally to try to help people find what they need. Classic Moped Spares is a new business being created in 2010 and as of yet is to make a profit, but with the support of moped fans in the UK should hopefully one day become profitable.


In 2013 more investment was made available to Classic Moped Spares so that not only has the product range been expanded but more products were manufactured exclusively for Classic Moped Spares some of which in the UK. If these products were not manufactured many mopeds would not have been restored and left lying to rot.

Classic Moped Spares is undergoing a rapid expansion program - more information will be available soon


If like me you are passionate about mopeds then please continue to do whatever you can to support the clubs and genuine traders such as www.classicmopedspares.com and malcolmraleigh on www.ebay.co.uk

You can also email me at classicmopedspares@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks for reading my blog

Moped Malc


I met a guy once who is nearly 100, has been racing bikes all his life. I said to him how come you never had an accident. He said that's easy:-

'Just ride your motorcycle as if everyone on the road is out to murder you!'

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  1. Great blog,I was wondenring if you could help,,I have a Runabout which was running fine,,the only thing ive touched is the cable that stops it when you push the throttle forward,this is now disconnected,,I'm getting a good spark,,fuel is getting thro but it refuses to start,,wot am I missing ?