Tuesday, 17 December 2013

NEW Haynes Manual For Sale on Amazon for £3000! Bargain at Classic Moped Spares

NEW Haynes Manual on Amazon for £3000!

As at 17/12/2013 16:25

There are Mobylette Haynes Manual for Sale on Amazon for £3000 each. Sounds like a bargain?
Even the lowest used copies on Amazon are £35 each! Compare this to New copies I have for sale priced at below £20! 

An exclusive limited number of NEW Mobylette Haynes Manuals are available for sale from Classic Moped Spares for less than £20 each new. This offer is subject to availability. 

The manuals are priced reasonably so that genuine Mobylette owners can work on their machines as I know from experience how restorations can be costly. I also have other mobylette related manuals available for sale on the website which will help with identifying part numbers; essential when ordering spares.

I have a large range of moped parts to be advertised next year and a manual will help find what you need quickly and save a lot of time. They also look good on the shelf!

The Haynes Mobylette Manual covers a number of models such as:-

Mobylette, Cady, Commuter, Duamatic, Luxamatic, Majorett, Majormatic, Mastermatic, Minor, Major, Moby X, Mono, 50, Mk2, Sport, Speciale, Mopeds

The manuals is also very useful for other bikes fitted with mobylette engines such as Raleigh Mopeds. This workshop manual is essential if you are working on Raleigh Mopeds, such as the RM 4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12, Runabout and Wisp.

'Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals for Motorcycles are written with the home mechanic in mind who does not have the luxury of a well equipped workshop nor factory service tools. Each manual covers a well defined model rang of motorcycles. A second hand example is purchased and is used as the basis for the manual. Before overhaul begins the author understakes considerable research into the model range and modification history talking with manufacturers, dealers, repair specialists and riders'

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