Thursday, 30 January 2014

Buy and Sell Mopeds at Classic Moped Spares

How to sell your bike through Classic Moped Spares

Just send an email to

Once again we are running out of bikes to sell due to popular demand! 

Many customers are checking the website for new updated bikes that they are looking for. Doesn't matter what you have someone out there will want it. 

Some sell before I even have chance to put the advert on! If you have a bike you wish to sell then please get in contact with details as soon as possible.

February is just around the corner and bikes are appearing slowly out of sheds! 

For some local customers I have done the photography and the advert. It does not matter where you are based as photographs and details can be sent to me by post or email and courier costs have been reducing so shipping to most destinations is now quite reasonable. 

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