Friday, 4 July 2014

Another Busy Week for Classic Moped Spares

Sun is out! What a  busy week for Classic Moped Spares!

Finally Friday is here what a busy week the start of July 2014 has been. As previously mentioned more products have been arriving, and I also have had approaches from a number of companies interested in large long term business.

Bike sales has been doing well and some are being sold on ebay under my ebay store moped spares. This is to make room for more bikes. Wednesday was a busy day for deliveries with over 550 miles done in one day! Delivering to any part of the Uk is not a problem. I left a Puch Alpine 150 with one very satisfied customer whom is looking forward to doing a full restoration on it. Cant wait to see the finished pictures.

I looked at buying a Raleigh Roma Scooter in the week, but unfortunately it wasn't for me. If you know of a good one for sale then please get in contact. The Raleigh Roma was also known as the Orsetto in Italy. Parts are very difficult to obtain meaning that restoration projects can be a bit of headache.

Unfortunately my 1975 Puch MV50 did not sell because it had been stood for so long the clutch wasn't engaging. This issue appears to have been solved as the plates had just stuck together from no use for the past 38 years. I guess it happens to us all. On a positive note I have also found out that the bike is a Sport 2/3 Model which means it could be rarer than I first believed. The service warranty booklet is unstamped and in mint condition.
Puch MV50 Sport 2/3
Close up it looks good also
The bike is still for sale by clicking here though I must admit I am beginning to get quite fond of it and may even put an MOT on it and run it on the road!

It looks like things are going to get even busier so if you know of anyone local to Taunton looking for some part time work who likes old mopeds and motorbikes then please let me know. The role would involve picking orders, maybe even rebuilding the odd bike and possibly some computer work. I am quite open to suggestions as all areas need improvement in terms of operations and systems, so if you are good at any of these things it doesn't need to be all of them then please get in contact

Next week looks like it is going to be even busier, I possibly have another Retro Honda C90 coming into stock and maybe even a Matchless G12 Motorcycle!

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