Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Classic Moped and Motorcycle Restoration Price Guide

To restore or not to restore that is the question!

I often get asked the prices of classic mopeds and motorcycles when someone has just bought one. The difficulty is how do you value something 50-60 years old when a lot of it depends on someone falling in love with the vehicle in question.

You only have to watch Television programs such as 'Bargain Hunt' or 'Flog it' to realise the variations in prices made at auctions compared to dealers estimates. There are many specialist auction houses which specialise in Classic Motorcycles and the prices can vary differently from one sale to another. It really does depend on who is there on the day. I saw a Raleigh RM1 with no documents which was a real basket case make £750 at an auction in 2012, I assume just because it looked old and the bidders got slightly carried away. Similar ones I have seen advertised for more sensible prices of around £200. However prices are creeping up even of the smaller bikes so the RM1 will probably eventually be worth more.

Condition is also an important factor when trying to work out a value. I have seen some awful restoration jobs, which up close can be very disappointing however in a picture can look fantastic. In order of value I would prioritise:-
1. Original Patina to concourse standard - this is the ultimate worth paying a bit more for
2. Restored, but using original paint and parts to a very high standard
3. Original Patina reasonable standard
3. Basket Case in need of a lot of work
4. Poor Restoration, needs to be done again and very unlikely to ever reach number 2.

This is only my opinion as at September 2014 but if we put some estimated prices to an item say a 1980's  Honda C90 then:-
1. Original low mileage bike with all paperwork £1200-£1500. Dealer Prices
2. Restored £700-£900. Dealer Prices
3. Original, with V5 and running. £250-£500
4. Basket Case in need of a lot of work. £50-£250
5. Poor Restoration £50-£250

So good luck if you are looking to buy a Classic Moped and please be sensible and you will get what you want. I sell bikes on www.classicmopedspares.com some are my own and some are on behalf of customers. Please read the advert carefully and get in contact with the seller. If you want to buy or sell a bike you can email me on classicmopedspares@hotmail.co.uk

And thanks again for reading my blog

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