Monday, 24 September 2012

Mobylette Mopeds Haynes Workshop Manuals exclusive to Classic Moped Spares

NEW Mobylette Mopeds Haynes Workshop Manuals

The latest exciting news is that:-

Limited quantities of the original Haynes workshop manuals have been  manufactured for Classic Moped Spares and are NOW IN STOCK

The last copyright print of this book was in 1976 some 46 years ago. Haynes the leading supplier in high quality manuals have kindly allowed Classic Moped Spares to supply a limited number of new copies of this informative manual to help Mobylette and Raleigh enthusiasts keep their machines running.

Order your copy by clicking on the following link:-

  • Mobylette Mopeds from 1965 to 1976
  • Over 100 pages of information too much to list
  • Chapter 1: Engine, clutch and relay gearbox
  • Chapter 2: Fuel system and lubrication
  • Chapter 3: Ignition system
  • Chapter 4: Frame and forks
  • Chapter 5: Wheels, brakes and tyres
  • Chapter 6: Electrical system
Excellent guide for Mobylette / Motobecane Mopeds motobecane. As the Raleigh Mopeds also used the same engines and many other mobylette parts then this guide is also essential to Raleigh Moped owners

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